Beam it into your 3D world

The online content platform that frees creators to transform 3D experiences anytime, instantly.

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The future of digital is immersive.

But it's slow and expensive to make changes.

  • Needing teams of developers
  • With update cycles taking days, weeks or months
  • And no way to adapt experiences in real time

So we built Beam

Transform 3D experiences instantly with Beam.

  • Deliver fresh content instantly. Anytime
  • Simple to use web tool. No developers
  • Flexibility to customise for different audiences
  • Analyse how users interact, automatically react & adapt

Works with any project built with Unity or Unreal.

First select your project using Beam’s web interface...
You can then add to, or customize your project...
Beam changing content
Finally Beam the asset into your 3D environment!

Take control with the intuitive Beam web app.

Link Beam to your 3D world then update anytime.

  1. Upload, organise and change assets
  2. Changes are delivered to users in real-time
  3. Seamlessly, with no break in immersion

Quick and easy to makes changes.

Beam content into 3D worlds, instantly, and delight users with experiences that adapt and evolve.

Compute screen
1. Simple

Use the Beam web dashboard to update 3D content anytime

  • No developers
  • Drag and drop content
  • Web-based, no code
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2. Instant

Beam delivers content in real time, so changes are immediate for users.

  • 1-click publish
  • No long updates
  • Seamless for users
3. Smart

Transform experiences and boost engagement with targeted content

  • Analyse behaviour
  • Audience targeting
  • Predictive targeting

The game-changer that unlocks the ability to rapidly test, experiment and publish content into 3D worlds.

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Support for 3D objects, videos, images & spatial audio
VR headset
For VR, AR, mobile and web environments
Customise any 3D experience
Union jack
Deliver language-specific content
Computer screen
Target content for different audience segments
Male user
Track performance and user behaviour
Schedule content changes in advance
Deliver localised content

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Created by Rocketmakers, a Queen's-award winning specialist in digital product design, development and delivery, supported by partners in AR, VR & 3D


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Transform your immersive experiences with Beam.

Beam has been designed to update, customise and personalise any 3D experience.

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